Wow! Thanks for your overwhelming support and so many sold out performances! We had a great time.
We'll be back next year with something very special.

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Happy as a clam: Dead White Zombies' 'DP92' is creepy, tender, a slowmo jolt. It's audacious, original and implacable. This is voluptuous, loopy, scintillating theatre that challenges the soul and rattles our teeth.
The Zombies are specifically interested in bodily rituals, which are a more free-wheeling form of spiritualism than the text-based meditations and consecrated liturgies of the major religions. Bodily rituals treat sensory, motor, and affective capacities as a unified field; the constant interaction and modification on the part of all the senses articulates the world into an intelligible and renewable concept of life and its meaning.
Dead White Zombies is one of the most interesting theater companies in North Texas, offering immersive experiences and so-out-there-it’s-cool scripts by Thomas Riccio. Will you be talking about it for days afterwards? Definitely.
‘DP92’ manages to mock — all at once — science jargon, science’s cultural authority, our dependence on technology today and, especially, cheesy old monster movies from the ’50s with their fears of radioactive mutations and their simultaneous hopes for salvation-by-science.
Dead White Zombies are back with another electrifying show.q
As we have come to expect, the artistic vision is beyond well-executed.q
The avant-garde troupe that’s unafraid to break the rules and mess with your head. North Texas' most adventurous and experimental theater companies. q
Hellbent on keeping it left-of-center. It's Friday night with Dead White Zombies. Anything could happen. q
As with much of DWZ'S work, the immersive aspect forces audiences to examine their own value systems. q
Fearless...No other company is experimenting with the kind of intellectually stirring and socially urgent content matter that Dead White Zombies so brazenly tackles.q

photos: Alisa Eykilis & John Lehman